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Thanks for visiting my website. Please sign the guestbook and leave a message. Add a photo if you want too. Should you wish to order any product, please do so here, and leave your contact details so we can arrange as to payment & shipping details. Thank you. I can now take credit card payments through "Square" over the phone. Or you can pay "Paypal" on the payments page, and we'll ship it out to you. PLEASE NOTE I AM BACK IN AUSTRALIA NOW.
Written by Roland Marr on 22. Oct, 2022
Do you still make the adapter to use the lee case feeder on a Dillon press?
I would really like to buy 2 of them
Thank yiu

Written by Gopher on 15. Oct, 2022
jackaroo do you have a 1 piece firing pin for 1894 Marlin

Written by Greg Mason on 27. Sep, 2022
I would like to order one of your gun carts

It would have to be shipped to Canada

Written by Ion Moir on 26. Sep, 2022 new uberti 44-40 lever action in for a short throw and a bit of the slick up , wow what I got back was amazing ! This now makes my uberti competition 357 feel like a old junker , The 44-40 is so slick and feeds amazing ,I guess the 357 will have to go in now 😀The service was amazing and turn around time was very quick

Written by Dale on 31. May, 2022
Thank you for putting the all the parts and so much work into my 73 Uberti.
Seamless and excellent work. It works like a dream now.
Thanks again.

Written by Brian Townsend on 31. May, 2022
Would just like to say a huge Thank You, for what you’ve done to my Rifle.
I’d purchased a new 73 Uberti Competition rifle, ( from a Dealer in SE QLD), but right from the start, it was clunky and occasionally jam. I took it to you, and you explained what needed doing. A few days later I picked it up, and went to a Shoot. Could not be happier with what you achieved. So smooth, and a joy to use. Awesome Service and Workmanship.
Thank you again.

Written by Ion moir on 29. May, 2022
Hi thanks for reaching out on my post on face book I would be interested in ordering some upgrades for my 357 uberti
SliXpin Firing Pin..
Stainless Steel Mag. follower
Stainless Steel Mag Spring
Lever & Side Plate Screws
Extractor Pin (Small Cal)
Forend & Powder Cover Screw.
Mag Tube Plug & Hex Key.
Stoeger Firing Pins Wrench.
Stoeger SS Firing Pins
By any chance you don't happen to have harden screws for the cattle man revolvers do you they are crazy soft from the factory
If you could work me out a price inc postage to Petrie 4502 that would be great and I will ring a credit card though


Latest comments

30.09 | 02:23

Are these carts still available?

And do you ship to Canada

23.01 | 06:04

Imre the shipping would be far too much from Australia.

21.01 | 12:42

Hello. I want to buy the gun cart "Travelling" model, how can I order?
Best regards Imre Strandli, Norway

01.09 | 12:38

OK thanks.