Shoot better with Jack n Kat

Jack n Kats Shooting School now in OZ from OK.

Kat and I are happy to say our shooting school has been resurrected at the


We will be offering to coach shooters during our practice and training sessions to get back to match fitness for our return to the USA later this year. ....Tips and techniques on how to improve your times, and in doing so have more fun.

We will be doing a mixture of cowboy action; and wild bunch action or Roosevelt match (under SSAA Practical for now!) probably alternating on different weeks.Your 45acp is allowed as it falls under Single Action.

The format will be in most cases, 6 stages shot twice, time permitting. You can shoot them the same way or a different way to evaluate your time. We will also be undergoing drills for each firearm as well inbetween.

We normally will concentrate on staging guns, transitions between guns and restaging. This is where you make up the most time saving.

So if you want to "shoot like a champion" then you need to "shoot with a champion"

Experienced shooters only, this is not a newbie shooting school. So come along and play the game with 5 time world champion Kathouse Kelli. You won't be disappointed.

For more in depth training, and to harness your mental ability, Kats mental programme training is available on a private one on one sessions at a cost of $150.00 (min 2.5 hrs)


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30.09 | 02:23

Are these carts still available?

And do you ship to Canada

23.01 | 06:04

Imre the shipping would be far too much from Australia.

21.01 | 12:42

Hello. I want to buy the gun cart "Travelling" model, how can I order?
Best regards Imre Strandli, Norway

01.09 | 12:38

OK thanks.