1894,1895/1892 Accessories

Marlin Adjustable Main Spring Kit
Has 7 reduced spring tensions to suit your style or rifle, by fitting various color washers. Fits all Marlin models & the Rossi Rio Grande.
Nylon bushings reduce friction & maintain alignment, zinc coated.
Price $25.00
One Piece Firing Pin Kit
Tool or titanium steel pin with reduced tension mainspring, & reduced tension lever locking spring.
Price $35.00
Rossi 92 Spring Kit
Now you can get those Rossis to work nice & smooth with this new kit. Adjustable tensions to suit your style.
Price $33.00
Marlin Phantom Trigger - for 1894 only
Blue Steel, one piece trigger/sear design. This trigger system has two main functions (1) It prevents the Marlin trigger bite caused by the factory curved trigger. Because of its set back design and straighter target style trigger it also offers a better trigger feel, (2) It is mated to the sear thus eliminating the factory marlin trigger flop issue that every marlin rifle has. This is a complete drop in trigger system. The factory lever safety will not work with the trigger. Note: Will not fit 336, 1895, or any other model. For Marlin 1894 only!!
Price: $66.00

Sure Claw Extractor
This replacement extractor is made in the USA of only the best spring steel. Unlike the "factory" two - piece, our extractor comes as one solid unit. These come fully tuned ready for drop in with NO fitting. These fit all pistol caliber 1894 rifles.
Price: $31.00




NOTE: All prices on the accessories pages (Ruger;Uberti; Marlin/Rossi) are indicative only, and are in most cases the RRP of dealers who trade in these products.  


We are happy to manufacture and supply any other products such as guncarts, Dillee Reloading brackets, Jewelry,  etc.


Thank you.


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Are these carts still available?

And do you ship to Canada

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Imre the shipping would be far too much from Australia.

21.01 | 12:42

Hello. I want to buy the gun cart "Travelling" model, how can I order?
Best regards Imre Strandli, Norway

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OK thanks.