The Gamblers

The Gamblers shoot at the Gold Coast Pistol Club in Ashmore, Queensland 

& host the yearly Heartland Territorial & Another Roll of the Dice in July. They have also been hosting the Trans Tasman Duel Downunder on a bi annual basis. This is match where we go head to head with our cowboys across the ditch in New Zealand. They also hold twice monthly club CAS matches, and a Pat Garrett match on every 5th Sat. If you really want to have fun shooting and enjoy yourself, this is the place. The club has great facilities & cheap beer! Cowboy Action Shooting is a multifaceted shooting sport in which contestants compete with firearms typical of those used in the taming of the Old West; single action revolvers (calibers .32 to .45), lever action rifles (calibers .25 to .45 long colt), and side-by-side double barrel or pre-1899 lever action shotguns (12, 16 or 20 gauge). One exception, children under 13 are referred to as a Buckaroo and are allowed to use .22s and 410s.

The shooting competition is staged in a unique OLD WEST style. Cowboy attire is required, which is anything from boots and jeans to clothing that personifies a specific western character. For beginners (long sleeved shirts and jeans will do – no tank tops, shorts or ball caps allowed). You will soon discover that part of the fun is the costume and of course the alias. All real Cowboy shooters have an alias ( Wyatt Earp, or Wild Bill) which could be associated with your costume. You can be a movie star and never have to go to Hollywood. Believe me, this is one sport that is really fun, not for just you, but the whole family. 

The Rough Riders will ride again. The Roosevelt Match. This is a specialized variation of our cowboy action shooting devised & designed by Dug Deeper & Jackaroo that ought to be of interest to a wide range of shooters. It is a combination of SASS Cowboy Action Shooting and Action Shooting with 1911 pistols. The sport uses 1911 pistols (from .22 up to 38 or 9mm), lever action rifles (1860 to 1899 - .22 to 45 cal), lever action or SXS shotguns(12 gauge). Range set-up is comparable to a normal Cowboy Action Shooting Match, but with targets a little further out.

There are several shooting categories all of which are equipment based. There is certainly one that will suit you and provide you with a shooting experience that you'll never forget.

COME ON OUT, bring the whole family, you won't regret it.

For More Information: Contact Jackaroo 


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Imre the shipping would be far too much from Australia.

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Hello. I want to buy the gun cart "Travelling" model, how can I order?
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