Pistol Rifle Shotgun

Marlin Phantom Trigger $65.00
This is a one piece trigger / sear design. This trigger system has two main functions (1) It prevents the marlin trigger bite caused by the factory curved trigger. Because of it's set back design and straighter target style trigger it also offers a better trigger feel. (2) It is mated to the sear thus eliminating the factory marlin trigger flop issue that every marlin rifle has. The trigger on the left is a factory Marlin trigger and sear. The trigger on the right is our stainless steel "Phantom Trigger" This is a complete drop in trigger system
Sure Hit Brass Pistol Sight $79.00/pair
This "Sure Hit" sight will easily fit right over your existing Single Action Pistol whether it be a Colt, Colt Clone or Ruger Vaquero (New or Old Model), USFA or Taylor. They provide a wider sight, making target aquisition extremely fast!
Sure Hit Brass Rifle Sight $26.00
Slips snugly over your original Marbles style sight that is on a 66, 73 or a Marlin. There are 2 different sizes. The smaller size for small far targets and the large one is for big and close. SASS Approved

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NOTE: Prices in US Dollars unless otherwise noted

Updated: 8/04/2019

Now which would you rather see? This

Sure Hits pistol sights available for Ruger, Colt, Ubertis.
You'll pick up that sight on target much quicker with a Sure Hit Sight. Available only from SSW.
Got a big brass bead on your rifle sight, I bet, so why not have one on your handguns too.
Available now.
Fitting $10.00/pair
Shotgun Bead Sight
If your current shotgun bead is too small why change out the entire bead? We make beads that fit over the existing bead on your shotgun. They are offered in two sizes 7/32 and 1/4" and are made from solid brass. To get the correct size "mic" your existing bead size, then order the one that matches your current bead size. We offer them in three under bead sizes .125 , .155 and .177. When you receive your new sight just simply place it over your current bead, making sure your barrel is on a flat surface and tap the new sight on with a light mallet. Select corresponding sizes below. Price $18.00
Marbles Speed Sight
Made by Marble Arms, these front sights have a .093 brass bead, and come in several heights. The .41" height sights are kept in stock, and work with Uberti rear semi buckhorn sights or flat top sights.
SSW Speed Sight
This sight has a spherical 1/8" diameter brass bead surrounded by a black outline that will show up on any color target. This sight is standard at .410" high which works well with Uberti and Marbles rear sights.
Standard $33.00
Marbles Rear Sights, buckhorn, semi buckhorn & flat top.
Come in long shank & short shank.
Barrel Band Speed Sight
This sight is for Uberti 66/73 Carbines. Slips over both tube magazine and barrel
SSW Speed Sight Tall
Comes in 2 sizes medium 4.0mm & large 4.7mm
This sight has a spherical brass bead front slipped over a marbles front sight,for fast sight acquisition.

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