SSW Jewelry

Longhorn star with rope edge necklace. $150.00 SOLD

Open star necklace $75.00

Open star wire earrings $75.00

Open star post earrings $75.00

Indian Penny necklace $40.00

Indian penny reverse side

Indian Penny post & wire earrings. $40.00/pair

Open Heart Star necklace, post & wire earrings. $75.00/piece

Smooth star wire earrings. $69.00

Smooth star necklace $40.00

Star earring reverse side

Smooth star post earrings $69.00

Indian Head Nickle post & wire earrings. $40.00/pair

Indian Head nickle necklace $40.00

Open heart post & wire earrings $75.00/pair. Wires SOLD.

Open heart necklace $75.00

Overlay Star necklace $75.00

Overlay Star post & wire earrings. $75.00/pair

Face On necklace $58.00

Fcae On post & wire earrings $58.00/pair

Overlay Longhorn Star necklace $78.00

Overlay Longhorn Star post & wire earrings $78.00/pair

All come in a velvet display box

Grace & I have managed to find some unique and exclusive jewelry that we're sure the cowboys and cowgirls will be wanting to own.
All these pieces are made from genuine silver minted coins, and all are prior to 1964, the last year that silver was used.
The jewelry is all hand cut from antique silver coins having the mint date on the back.
Each one being a piece of American history.

Also available are some Indian Head copper penny necklaces & earrings.
These are extremely rare and the ones we have date back to 1895!

NOW ALL ONE PRICE: A Pair of earrings or a necklace is $49.00

All below cost.

Updated 14/02/2016

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30.09 | 02:23

Are these carts still available?

And do you ship to Canada

23.01 | 06:04

Imre the shipping would be far too much from Australia.

21.01 | 12:42

Hello. I want to buy the gun cart "Travelling" model, how can I order?
Best regards Imre Strandli, Norway

01.09 | 12:38

OK thanks.