The Jack & Kat Trail

Come the 18th May 2016 we fly out to Oklahoma USA once again, to start another adventure at least for a while ...hopefully,,yeeehhaawww

Here are our Grand Slam Matches for 2017 that we are eligible to hold the title.

Winter Range Cowboy.  Yes, Won Lady Wrangler (& 2nd Lady overall)Cool

Wild Bunch

Land Run. Yes, Overall Lady & Lady Wrangler.Cool

End of Trail Cowboy. Yes,World Champ for the 3rd time in a row.Cool

End of Trail Wild Bunch. 2nd Lady Traditional.

OK State Champs Cowboy... Yes, won Lady Wrangler State Champ. & me also Silver Senior State Champ.

OK State Wild Bunch.....Yes won Lady Wrangler State Champ. And me, Senior Modern State Champ 2017

SASS SW Regional....Arrgg 2nd beaten by 1.01 secs.

And our Grand Slam matches for 2018 are:

Land Run- SW Regional Yes, Kelli won overall & category, I managed a 5th in SS.

End of Trail- World Champs. Yes, Kelli won her 4th World Championship !!And I managed to get in the top ten.

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30.09 | 02:23

Are these carts still available?

And do you ship to Canada

23.01 | 06:04

Imre the shipping would be far too much from Australia.

21.01 | 12:42

Hello. I want to buy the gun cart "Travelling" model, how can I order?
Best regards Imre Strandli, Norway

01.09 | 12:38

OK thanks.