1866/1873 Accessories

Cowboy Special Carrier
New carrier allows you to shoot the 45 Cowboy special brass in your 45LC rifle.
Brass carriers only.
$180.00 on your carrier.
$235.00 with our carrier.
Cowboy Special Carrier
Also will shoot 44 Russian in your 44 special rifle.
Makes for a great blackpowder load.
Cowboy Special Carrier
Bolt modification.
You need to take about .020" off & a slight lead in.

Tube Magazine End Plug
Fits all calibers
Check out these new Uberti magazine end plugs. Looks better than the standard plug. Takes a standard 3/16 Allen key, which comes in the kit.
Remove the old plug, give your tube a good clean & lube, maybe replace the spring & follower with stainless steel ones, (which we can supply too) & replace with new plug. remember it's not a diesel head bolt, do not over tighten, just snug it up!
Made by Scrub Oak Willie in TN, we have secured sole importation & distributorship in Australia.
Price: $16.00
New Leaf Main Spring Top. Standard on Bottom
How's this,..our new main spring, lightened and ready to fit. These are being specially made for me in OK City to our specifications by an experienced spring & gun smiths.
These springs are already manufactured to a special super slick weight, & will still fire CCI primers.
No more having to grind your own spring only to find you've gone too far, & saves on those action job fees too.
New Boogie Straight Trigger Kit
Feels like a one piece trigger, but are two parts. Trigger and sear. There is no play on the trigger anymore. And a third screw adjusts the play between trigger and sear. Both parts are completely through hardened. Trigger is straighter than original radius.
I have these in all my rifles & are sensational. A definite game changer!
Price $195.00
Broken Brass Remover 357/38 & 45 cal
Have you ever had the problem, that a piece of broken brass sticks in the chamber? Then you know how much trouble it is to get it out. But not anymore with my new remover. You load it like a round, cycle and the broken brass is out of the chamber.
Carry this in your belt, out the way of your reload rounds, but still accessible if you have a circumferential brass breakage. You clear it with some practice in around 10 secs!
Price $39.00
Slixscraper 38/357 44 & 45 cal
One Tool to Clean and Restore .357 Chambers and Cylinder Throats

Safely removes carbon and lead that collects in chambers and cylinder throats of .357 revolvers and rifles when using .38 Special ammunition
Significantly reduces throat erosion
Restores cylinders and chambers to SAAMI specifications
Fits standard 8-32 cleaning rods
Easy breech access to clean rifle chambers
No impact on present chamber dimensions
Easy to use
Uberti 1873 No Bite Trigger
The new drop in "No Fit No Adjustment" trigger system is our latest addition to the Sure Hit product line. Each Sure Hit product is proudly USA made in our state of the art machine shop. This trigger system comes set up with a match grade upper sear and lower trigger that is custom tuned for a crisp trigger pull. Each trigger system has a small rebound trigger spring built in to keep the trigger from moving while being rapidly fired. This along with the dehorned corners will help eliminate the dreaded 1873 trigger bite. (The stainless pin and keepers shown in the pic are to only keep the system together while shipping and are not part of the trigger system)
Competition Rifle Stage One
For newbie shooters:
Superlight Mainspring
Whisper Lifter/Lever Springs
Coil Safety Spring
Take all the stiffness out of the action from stock production & gives you and introduction as to what can be!
Competition Rifle Stage Two.
Competition ready:
Add custom short stroke kit
Aluminum Lifter
Extended Firing Pin & Spring
Plus action job(polishing, fine tuning, trigger set, timing & test)
Competition Rifle Race Ready
Now you're pretty competitive, time to add those final more cosmetic extras to fine tune your shooting:
Add stainless steel follower & spring
Hex mag tube plug
Speed front sight
Flat top rear sight
Henry 22 Short Stroke AU$80.00
Short stroke your Henry 22 similar to your main match caliber gun.

Or have an Action job done with a lightened coil hammer spring and all 3 conversions for AU$195.00
Henry speed loader. AU$55.00
Make loading a lot easier than from under neath with our speed loader conversion, loads similar to your make match centre fire rifle from the side.
Henry Lever stop. AU$75.00
A stop under the lever prevents the lever arm wearing inside on the bolt action, and stops one from forcing the lever which can bend it.

NOTE : ALL PRICES IN US $....unless otherwise noted.



NOTE: All prices on the accessories pages (Ruger;Uberti; Marlin/Rossi) are indicative only, and are in most cases the RRP of dealers who trade in these products.  




We are happy to manufacture and supply any other products such as guncarts, Dillee Reloading brackets, Jewelry,  etc.




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